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At PA Board, we’re passionate about what we do! We are helping organizations like you reach thousands of Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners around the world. At PA Board we can help you save thousands of dollars and man hours on your recruitment efforts.

We all know time is money. That is even more the case when you are looking for the perfect candidate to fill the positions you have, particularly those in the healthcare industry. Your candidate MUST be the perfect fit in this industry thus making the recruitment process very tedious, time consuming, and expensive.

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We have the solution

Why go looking for candidates when you can have access to literally thousands of Active and Passive Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner professionals with a click of your mouse, or an email in your inbox? We are a well-known and reputable company that has a database of thousands of candidates that are either actively looking but most importantly are passively looking if the right position just happens to come up.

Despite the competition, we see a market need for a veracious job board. Our features cost thousands of dollars on other job boards, but at PA Board, we are one of the most affordable PA/NP job board in the industry. We specialize in $50 job advertisements!



A dedicated Physician Assistant Job Board for Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners

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  • Dedicated job board for the Physician Assistant / Nurse Practitioners


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  • Manage Candidates – Browse or view resumes. *



Post a listing with us, and it’ll be featured across our network of partners and advertisers. PA Board postings are distributed to job search web sites.  We encourage web masters to include PA Board job and resume postings into their search index.

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